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Hope is in your head. It’s a personal choice, an active effort in response to the challenges of the real world. When life’s burdens stifle you and you start gasping for air, you develop a sudden sense of defense, an unexplainable urge to turn ON the engine of hope, and breathe new life into shattered dreams. Like a golden ray of sun, Hope emerges from the darkness of despair, but can only show up if one wants it to. To choose to flip the switch of Hope on or off, that is what human survival depends on. Never shut hope down. Never give up.


A call to the heart, and to the mind…

A call for emancipation from the shackles of prejudice and old traditional molds…

A call for transcending beyond limits; leaving darkness behind and rising to where the sun always shines…

A call for liberty in awareness and in actions, in choice and in speech, in thoughts and in feelings…

Listen to the call of you inner voice and it shall set you free.


Inspired from the enchanted legends of the Far East, the journey to fulfilling one’s destiny is all about taking a leap of faith.

The mystical Koi Fish, which swam against the current and leaped the insurmountable waterfall to become a celestial dragon,
is the ultimate human embodiment of Possibility through Determination.

Depicting this amazing positive metamorphosis, it’s an invitation to bend the rules and overcome all obstacles.
It’s the symbol of a brighter dawn shining through the darkness of the impossible.

Beat the odds, Be the legend…


A rollercoaster of emotions swinging in perpetual motion, A wheel of thoughts spinning round to reveal an explosion of lights and sounds, A joy ride inside your mind, where gravity loses ground, and feelings jump up and around,

One special moment. One incomparable experience. That is ecstasy in its purest form.


Life is but a long train journey. Sometimes joyful, sometimes bumpy, sometimes full and sometimes empty, the ride isn’t always what you expect.

Moving from place to place, sometimes even changing routes, you look back at your past but look forward to the next stop.
On this never-ending journey, every station is a new chance to make things right.

When you go into the tunnel, you know that there is light at the end of it.
And when you go to sleep, believe that you will awaken to a brighter tomorrow.


Underneath our truth lies our biggest lie.
Obscure thoughts we strive to deny or even hide.

In the secret corners of our mind, there’s that dark passageway we never wish existed.
On its wall of shame, scribbled out writings remind us of our crippled disguise.
The brighter we shine, the darker this place becomes.

Sometimes, there is no darker place than our thoughts… but it’s only from darkness that shall come forth the light.


No journey is more fulfilling than the quest for the ultimate wisdom.

Time passes by and the seeds of life experiences marvelously blossom into fertile fields of wisdom.

However, the ultimate truth is never without a dark side no matter how beautiful and fulfilling it may be.

For the seeker of wisdom, the world is revealed in all its glory and disillusion.

Hovering in the spiritual realm between Good and Evil, Virtue and Vice, Truth and Lie…
what would wisdom choose?


The winds of destiny blow when you least expect them.
But destiny doesn’t have to be about chance; it is also a matter of choice.
Let your instinct be the compass that guides you through life’s endless pathways.
Let your sight be set on your goals and aspirations.
Follow the trail of fearlessness and, in a blink of an eye,
you shall fulfill your destiny.


Human awareness can never be revealed without wait. And wait cannot be rewarded without patience.

Like birds waiting serenely for the sun to shine, or flamengos lingering to draw soul lessons from emotional waters, we cannot but wait to rise to our purpose, step by step. Whatever we are waiting for, it will surely come to us, but only when we are ready to receive it.

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